Entry Form and Regulations


You must enter our motorcycle trials in advance using the attached form. NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY due to Covid-19 regulations


We are an AMCA affiliated club - No ACU license is required to enter our events


Adult (over 18) Entry Fee is £18, JUniors £10 (this includes £1 day membership). 


Entry fee is payable ON THE DAY by cash only EXACT MONEY PLEASE (£18 FOR ADULTS) - NO CHANGE WILL BE GIVEN.



Results will be available on the web site, if results are required by post please supply a stamped SAE when signing on!



The machines eligible for the event must conform to the current rules. In general all machines must utilise engine, frame, forks, gearbox and hubs manufactured of the period and be fitted with an efficient silencer.

The course is entirely on private land and will comprise 10 sections to be completed over 4 laps. All sections will be laid out in the style of a trial in the 1960’s.



Declaration: Motor Sport can be dangerous and may involve injury or death. You must read and agree to the following declaration and paragraph below which are designed to create a legally binding relationship in return for you being allowed to enter and compete.

  1. I confirm that the information in this entry form and the information and my acceptance of the terms of my competition licence are correct.
  2. I confirm that I understand the nature of the competition I am entering and I am competent to take part.
  3. I confirm that any vehicle I use will comply with the regulations and will be safe and fit for use in the competition.
  4. Before taking part in the event I will ensure (unless prohibited) that I have inspected the venue, the track and the facilities and geographical features and that I am satisfied that it is safe for me to compete.
  5. I will not take part if I have any doubt about my ability or the safety of the venue.
  6. I accept that the competition in motor sport may involve the risk of injury or death and I agree to take part at my own risk.
  7. Before taking part in the event I will read and be bound by and comply with general regulations, any supplemental and final instructions issued by the AMCA, the organisers and the circuit owners and the regulatory body.
  8. I will not participate whilst under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs and that if I am taking any prescribed medication I will inform the event organiser and seek approval to participate before taking part.

If under the age of 18, my parent/guardian has read the above and agrees to abide by these regulations






Harder route - Suitable for pre-65 and mono motorcycles



5 sections ride hard route, 5 sections ride easier route (marked at section start)



Easier Route - Suitable for novices and rigid motorcycles



Suitable for newcomers or the rider of more mature years.





pre-1970 unit construction 4-stroke


pre-1970 British 2-stroke


pre-unit 4-stroke


rigid framed motorcycles


under 18s or ladies riding mono or twinshock


over 50 riding British bike


twin shock


over 50 riding mono or twinshock


trail bikes


monoshock not conforming to class E/H






Our next trial is planned to be at Hilcot Woods GL53 9RD

on Sunday 4th July 2021


Entry Forms will be available on 'Enter an Event' page when we have permits from AMCA





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