Routes will be defined as follows, with marking for each route explained  

Red (Expert)  Experts' Route. Follow standard marking (Red = Right; Blue = Left)
 Blue (50/50)  50/50 Route. Ride White route on sections unless there is a sign at beginning of section station '50/50 Ride Red Route', then ride red route on that section
 White (Clubmen) Clubmen's Route. Ride Standard route with white deviations
 Green  Gentlemen's Route*

*New route - There will now be a "Gentleman's Route".  This will be identified by a GREEN sticker on the rider's number and the only stipulation will be that the 'gentlemen' ride between the "Begins" and "Ends" markers only and that the line taken through the section is of their choice.

Red route is marked between red and blue markers (Red right; Blue left)

White Route ride deviation between white markers

50/50 Route riders ride half of the section as Red route and half of the sections as White route. Sections to be ridden as Red route are marked at section start

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